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ONE CLICK  to make your products and services available to the real estate industry and the public . . . 24/7 . . . world wide.

Simply call 416-214-4875.   

We suggest a 30 minute appointment to discuss compatibility with our industry. We use gotomeeting so we can design the wording with you and the links to your website.  You will reach 20,000-40,000+ people depending on the time frame. 416-214-4875.

See About ICIWorld Markeplace at the bottom of this page.

Free Internet and much, much more

If you are interested in learning how to only pay the taxes on  your Internet bill every month, please fill out the survey.

Fill out the survey by  CLICKING HERE

Lara Coombs will be in touch with you once we receive your completed survey.  

You will find it most enlightening.

You can also earn money on all kinds of essential services for your friends, family, acquaintances, prospects, and clients in 25 countries globally. 

I have personally checked this out and recommend it.  

In fact here is a website with services.

This is the first time in history that the public can get paid on billion dollar industries around the world. 

First time in business history that a company, has put together a website where you can acquire essential services in 25 countries. The goal is to be the amazon of essential services through independent business owners. No one can start without going through an independent business owner to get started. 

We provide support and services for YOU to get started.

For instance, you can supply bell service for residential and business purposes and get paid, Internet, Phones, TV, Utilities.  In Mexico if you join you can supply SIM cards, and much more. In the USA many of the services are competitive and lower cost.

This is an example of a global business that you can have working for you starting with your own website that is all set up JUST LIKE THIS.

And there is a mobile App coming in 2017 that you can have that markets these services. Remember this is global in nature all from the comfort of your own home or business office. Part timers can make money. Full timers more.

There is support for you for all of this.

Please feel free to call me at any time about this.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.



Food and Restaurant Equipment

Arctic Food and Equipment One of the longest established food equipment providers in the industry. Two door coolers for variety stores, restaurants, and much more.

New and used restaurant and food equipment. Special financing programs sponsored by CRFA.  Ontario based. 

Ask for 5% discount courtesy of ICIWorld.

Why this ad on ICIWorld? There are buyers and sellers of a great many businesses, restaurants, hotels, variety stores, food franchises, supermarkets on ICIWorld who could use this service.   


Gifts for Clients

Gifts for Clients

Call Ray at 949-257-3209

Free Shipping and Special Discounts Mention ICIWorld


Websites for Real Estate Salespeople

Click here to Order and See Samples

Corporate Videos

CLICK HERE for Corporate Videos

All About ICIWorld Marketplace

Call us now 416-214-4875 to get your product or service linked in to the member brokers on this service.

To also see your product and/or service, on your iPhone or Android phone, go to and click on Marketplace.

Add the iciworld App to your iPhone or Android. Click on ICIWorld and then click on More and click on Marketplace.

The link to this page called Marketplace is a link that is to be placed in our world wide EMailing List Services among the largest in the world operating since 1994. 

We do a lot of marketing world wide by EMail and other methods and the link to this page is to be included.

ICIWorld has one of the most extensive EMail Marketing electronic mailing systems. Over 1,000,000 EMails per year are delivering information to the public with on program 20,000 daily to subscribers of EMail Alerts of real estate Haves and Wants. Another program sends information  to members and past members and prospective members. Another sends information world wide on a monthly basis and our ICIWorld International Newspaper is delivered every Saturday morning world wide. Social media will also be privy to this source of information.

ICIWorld is an Internet Global Broker’s Real Estate Information Listing Service operating since 1994. With the new Internet revolution ongoing now, people are using their mobile phones five times more than a computer. ICIWorld is at the forefront of this revolution.  

Provide your specialty services to be found and investigated by our readers. Best for services and products for business people in the real estate industry and buyers and sellers of real estate of all kinds.

This page and the link to this page will be commonly available to tens of thousands of readers on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

The goal is to have it become virtually a yellow pages of products and services for the real estate industry.

Since 1994, ICIWorld has one of the largest EMail Marketing Services for the real estate industry, it is our intention to include a link to this Marketplace page in our emailing to the industry to tens of thousands of people in the real estate industry on a weekly, monthly basis.

See Circulation, Distribution, Readership

We invite all who have a product and/or service to contact us. 416-214-4875.

Real Estate Job Opportunities

ICIWorld has a position open for an account representative to book seminars.

Position entails calling real estate brokers of record, owners, managers of real estate offices.

See Seminars at

You can work from your home office.

Flexible hours.

Great phone manners, reliability, follow-up, able to be quick to the point, a must.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
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