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Contacts for over $1,300,000,000,000 (Trillion Dollars) of Buyer Wants, Acquisition Criteria for real estate and business opportunities for sale and for lease. Full access for members.

Initial display of Wants are always less than 90 days old. Ready, willing and able to buy or lease today!

Member brokers and salespeople have access to all the contact information. Member report buyers for their properties from Dubai to all around the world. Basically readers on ICIWorld are capable of unlimited funds.

Contacts for over $51,000,000,000 (Billion Dollars) of real estate and business opportunities, Haves, properties for sale and for lease.

The majority are provided by member brokers and salespeople in a confidential manner with no addresses.

Initial display of Have opportunities are always less than 90 days old.

Sales now exceed $50,000,000. Some brokers have conducted over 30 transactions using ICIWorld. It helps the public create wealth through real estate. Every single member can connect to do business to help their prospects and clients no matter where in the world you are located. Personal one on one support over the Internet by appointment

Provided by The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople to serve the public and the real estate industry worldwide.

ICIWorld.com provides powerful Internet databasing abilities and connectivity tools designed to serve the needs of everyone to network real estate opportunities globally. This provides more choice for the public and the real estate industry to serve the public and make money.

Founded in 1994. It powers many real estate websites globally and mobile websites, with many more to be built. It helps brokers and salespeople help the public worldwide identify and discuss real estate opportunities to do business and deals daily.

50% to 75% of the information is not on MLS but provided by Realtors in Database 1 and by the public in the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Area Database 2. Only member brokers and salespeople have access to contact information in the FSBO Area. This helps protect the public. If a member broker has a potential buyer or seller for real estate Have or Want, would you like them to contact you? Then place it in Database 2 FSBO Area free.

Thousands use the ICIWorld Global Networking Apps for iPhones and Androids or link to App where the initial display of listings is always less than 90 days old. Once you are a member (only real estate brokers and salespeople may join as little as $40 month to month unlimited ads JOIN HERE. Your information is displayed on them all so that people worldwide can contact you directly and do business. Over 800,000 backlinks, information displayed on thousands of other broker websites, 20,000 Emails deliver information daily to the public and much more.

99% of the information content is displayed on all broker websites so that each real estate broker's website becomes the portal for world listings, Have and Want opportunities that are not on real estate boards at this time. If and when other real estate associations adopt this service, it may be free or discounted for you someday supplied by your real estate board or association.   

Subscribe To Receive New Listings, Haves or Wants For Your Area Anywhere in the World Request your country if not listed. Also one can subscribe by organization, property types, more. ICIWorld Global EMail List Services.

We are asking for every persons input for ideas to continue to grow services to serve you. Opportunities to partner, joint venture, take over, to grow this broker membership service invited. Particularly if you can possiby dramatically increase membership to 1,000,000+ within three years.

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ILS.realestate (Information Listing Service . realestate)

NREILS.com (National Real Estate Information Listing Service . com)

REHAW.com (Real Estate Haves and Wants . com)

ICIWorldren.com (ICIWorld Real Estate Network . com)

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WORLD REAL ESTATE BACKUPS Up to date daily. Operating since 1994.

Access to 40,000+ contacts to do business when you are a member. Non members about 4,000.

Provided by The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople.

Founded and operating successfully since 1994 as ICIWorld.com which powers them all.

Subscribe on any website and become a member of them all. Many more being built over the next five years.

A powerful database delivering real estate Haves and Wants in real time on thousands of pages and websites on the Internet.

Member brokers can enter their information from anywhere in the world for worldwide international display.

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Make an appointment for assistance. We use gotomeeting screen sharing program used by Fortune 1,000 companies.

  1. We help you place your first Have and Want ad.
  2. We help you understand how to work exclusive real estate in a confidential fashion.
  3. REGISTER for a Webinar upcoming session. There are three per week to choose from.
  4. Add an IDX Link to YOUR website, a portal to the Internet of the global listings, Haves and Wants in a way that you get the inquiries and can and should do referrals and direct business. We send you the instructions to provide an Internet portal, a link, to go on your website to the world listings, Have and Want opportunitiees provided by other brokers and salespeople globally who have agreed to allow and share them on your website. Eventually every broker in the world can have all the listings, Haves and Wants of all other other brokers in the world, on their own website. Each broker thus providing world access to world listings providing more choice for the public.
  5. No website? No problem. You can have one up and running within one hour, free for one month, then $16.50/mo. if you wish to keep it. Details.
  6. Usually everything is a one time setup. You simply add, modify, delete and mark listings sold from time to time. And search we recommend a minimum of once per week averaging 2 minute 30 sec. Make connections, develop business relationships, show properties, do business.

Founder and Manager, Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS Broker 47 years. 416-840-6227 See article Real Estate Magazine

The ICIWorld Global Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Founded 1994 as ICIWorld.com

 As World Real Estate Network . com Since 2021